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Sports fans know that preparing for the game is almost as important as the event itself. Chicago tailgating is a longstanding tradition. It takes a lot of time and preparation to get ready for tailgating at a Bears game. Although you want to enjoy the benefits of tailgating, you may not have the time to host the occasion. If you wish to host your own event or attend an exclusive tailgate, Exclusive Event Experiences has the perfect solution. We provide everything you need to create your personal tailgate, or you can attend an all-inclusive tailgate at The Arena Club.

What Chicago Tailgating Options Are Available?

When you want to host your own Chicago tailgating party but need help, call Exclusive Event Experiences. We offer custom tailgate packages that include everything you need for a fantastic game-day experience. Your custom package will consist of set-up at one of our reserved spaces in the Soldier Field parking lot. We provide everything to make the party successful, including premium audio and entertainment packages. You won’t need to worry about anything. Just show up and enjoy the event along with your invited friends and family members. Tailgating has never been easier or more enjoyable for the host.

Create the Perfect Chicago Tailgating Party

At Exclusive Event Experiences, we help you create the tailgating package that fits your needs and budget. We supply everything that you order, and we will even set up the event and remove everything when the game begins. We take care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy the party. We work with you ahead of time to create the menu and schedule the details that you want. On the day of the game, all you need to do is show up, along with your guests. We offer a variety of package options, including VIP packages that include private shuttle services.

What is the Arena Club?

The Arena Club is our own awesome version of an elite pregame tailgate experience. If you prefer to attend a luxury tailgate with all the amenities of a luxury suite, look no further than the Arena Club. This is the ultimate tailgate experience with everything you need to make the pre-game fun and exciting. We set up The Arena Club near Soldier Field, and it includes secure access, premium amenities, and weather protection when needed. It is by far the best tailgate in Chicago. The VIP pass includes unlimited gourmet grilled food, premium bars, wait service, entertainment, and complimentary cigars.

Book Your Tailgating Party Today

At Exclusive Event Experiences, we are happy to help you create an entertaining and memorable party for you and your guests. When you want to host a Chicago tailgating party, let us do all the work so you can spend time with your friends. If you prefer to attend a tailgate, you can purchase tickets for The Arena Club. Either way, we are thrilled to make the day special and unique. Contact us today to learn more and to build the tailgate package you prefer.

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