Notre Dame

When can I start tailgating?

You can arrive as early as 8 am to tailgate for the game. If you would like to tailgate earlier, please communicate with us so we can plan for it.

Can I tailgate during the game?

All tailgating stops at kickoff. It is a University rule and there are no exceptions.

Can you keep the tailgate set up so I can tailgate after the game?

Our Touchdown Tailgate and MVP tailgate packages include a breakdown at game time. If you would like to tailgate after the game, you must arrange this with us and additional hourly fees apply.

I have not purchased a parking pass. Can you provide me with one?

We can source Joyce and Stadium parking passes but they are usually sold at what you can find them for on resale sites like StubHub. You can also purchase parking at Holy Cross College through us for $30/each.

I have already purchased my parking pass and I want a Touchdown Tailgate or MVP Tailgate package. How do I get you the pass?

Contact us and let us know you have your own pass and we will arrange a way to get the pass from you. It is usually easiest to ship the passes to our office once you receive them. We must have them before Wednesday before the game day in order to set up your tailgate.

I have a pass for a lot other than Stadium, Joyce or Holy Cross. Can I host my tailgate at my desired location?

Unfortunately, we only offer our Touchdown Tailgate and MVP Tailgate packages in the Stadium, Joyce, or Holy Cross lots. You are welcome to book a Handoff Tailgate and throw the tailgate yourself at your desired location!

My flight arrives on gameday and I would like to book a handoff tailgate. Can I pick the equipment up on gameday?

We, unfortunately, do not permit equipment pickup and drop-off on gameday. All equipment must be picked up on Friday and returned on Sunday.

I want to stay overnight in South Bend. Can you provide assistance with my lodging?

We have a great partnership with Rent Like A Champion. Visit their website to book your gameday home!

How do I get to my tailgate if I don’t park my car on campus?

We recommend using one of the popular ride-sharing apps (Uber or Lyft) and have them drop you off at one of the campus entrances on Angela Avenue.

What do I do with my tailgate when I go to the game?

If you book a Touchdown Tailgate or MVP Tailgate package, setup, takedown, and clean up are included in the package price. You just have to walk into the game.

What happens with my leftover food and beverages?

We, unfortunately, have to throw away or donate any leftovers at your tailgate. If you have a vehicle on site, you are welcome to take whatever you like, but we take all of the food and beverages that are in our coolers during the cleanup time.

Can I bring my own equipment, food, and drinks to the tailgate?

Yes you can! Contact us and we can arrange to have someone assist you in bringing your stuff to your tailgate. Keep in mind we will not be able to get you your equipment after the game if you leave it at the tailgate.


Where can I park?

We can help you obtain passes to the Adler lot. Contact us for more information. Feel free to check out for other parking options.

Can I tailgate during the game?

All tailgating stops at kickoff. The stadium does not allow tailgating during the game and there are no exceptions.

What is the capacity of the Arena Club?

The Arena Club can host up to 300 people.

I have a very large group. Can I reserve the entire Arena Club?

Sort of? We have a small amount of season pass holders that we need to accommodate. Other than that small group of people you can reserve the entire club.

My group is staying in Chicago overnight. Can you assist us with lodging accommodations?

We have partnered with the Hyatt Regency, which is conveniently located 2 miles from the stadium. Contact us for more information.

My group is arriving on a bus. Will the bus be able to park near the Arena Club?

Yes, your bus can park right outside the event. Contact us to organize logistics.

I need tickets to the game. Can you provide my group with tickets?

We can try to assist you with ticket sourcing. It usually is best to work directly with Soldier Field.