New York Date Ideas

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Six New York Date Ideas For That Awesome Outing

Whether it is on a first date or the anniversary of your first month together, New York has some of the most amazing places to hang out. This goes beyond going to drink or eat at some fancy restaurant or bar. There is nothing so special about that, and you will certainly not wow your date by suggesting an option as that. In order to have that wonderful outing, you need to be more creative and step out of the realm of the usual. Below is a list of six New York date ideas that can guarantee you that awesome outing;

1) Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

This is an idyllic pastoral garden that stretches over 52 acres. The garden is bordered by The Brooklyn Museum and the Prospect Park. If perhaps what you want is some peace and quiet, and surrounded by nature’s best beauty, then you should give this location a try. During the Sakura Matsuri Festival, more than 70 trees bloom at the Cherry Esplanade. There are other impressive spots within the botanic garden that is worth visiting, like the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden and the Shakespeare Garden. This is just the perfect spot for lovers of nature.

2) SPiN:

Perhaps you are someone who finds it hard to break the ice and start a conversation. You can indirectly start something by paying a visit to SPiN and engaging your date in some friendly competition. You can play table tennis or ping-pong while having some drinks to spice up the outing.

3) Sur la Table:

If your date has a thing for food or you have a thing for food and wish to show off some of your culinary expertise, then Sur la Table cooking classes is one of the best New York date ideas for you. It creates a great opportunity for bonding while you both have wonderful fun. If you are both bad at cooking, then you can laugh off each other’s pathetic attempt at culinary success.

4) The Cliff:

Perhaps your date has a craving for adventure and you can’t leave the city, then visit the rock climbing facility; The Cliff, for a thrilling outing. This is a wonderful date idea for couples as it gives an opportunity to do a lot of things together, hence bonding real quick. You both can take the introductory classes where you are taught how to stay safe while climbing. If you are a competitive pair you can try to beat each other, or you may just enjoy the climb together without caring who gets where first.

5) Slipper Room:

If you are thinking of something more stimulating, then a visit to the Slipper Room should do just the trick. In the Slipper room, prepare to drop all inhibitions and be ready to laugh your heads out from the cheeky performance you and your date would see. The Slipper Room features singers, dancers, aerial performers etc.

6) Central Park Ice Skating:

This is another New York date idea that allows couples to do something together. Perhaps you are good at ice skating, you could convince your date to give it a try while giving full assurance of your support. This location tends to be crowded, so if you don’t want to feel like you are sharing your date with loads of strangers, then you have to visit at less crowded periods.

These are some of New York date ideas for that wonderful outing. Step out of your comfort zone and try out something new. You just can never tell.