Generic Ultimate Package Setup


We have Notre Dame branded tents and chairs for our Notre Dame fans and we also have generic tents and chairs for the opposing team fans. Please choose which package you want, so you can rep your favorite team!

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1) Choose your package for the appropriate game and make your reservation online.
2) Wait for your confirmation email and we will send you pick-up information.
3) Pick up your tailgate set the day before the game, or the morning of the game.
4) Return your package at the same location you picked it up at.

 It’s that simple. If you have any special requests including tailgate equipment delivery, please contact us for custom pricing.[/accordion_item]

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Need a little extra help planning your tailgate? No problem.
We are here to help you have the best tailgate experience possible! Please contact us for custom pricing on custom packages including food and delivery services.
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