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The University of Illinois tailgating has truly been ramped up over the past several years. In 2015, Illinois introduced a new high-energy tailgating area (Grange Grove) adjacent to Memorial stadium. Grange Grove offers a variety of elements for fans to make the most of their game-day experience, which include a public tailgating area, family fun zone, and live music. Grange Grove made for a great experience when it comes to tailgating. 

Whether it is your first or tenth time at a University football tailgating event, you will want to customize your tailgating event to ensure you have everything you need and enjoy the big game. With all the excitement that comes with the football season, you can easily forget crucial details. Let’s take a look at how to prep and customize your tailgating event to your needs and expectations. 

Rent a Clear Span Tent

You are at the Tailgating University of Illinois to have a good time. So, let everyone at Tailgate Illinois football know this by decorating your space to reflect the same. Also, since you can’t predict the weather, renting a clear-span tent may be a great idea. With that, you can keep out elements and protect your drinks, food, and guests from rain and wind as well. This type of tent comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can select the best option for your need. If you want to go out, you can also have it customized. 


Presentation is very important. You can make anything look delectable and sophisticated if you present it right. For instance, you may want to scrap the Styrofoam containers and paper plates for real table wear. You can use a silver metal plate to present the burgers, hotdogs, or whatever meal you choose to prepare can up your display influence a notch. You can also take your menu to a whole new level by selecting them and making a menu.

What to Wear 

Football teams work hard to include their fans in the part of the game day action. So, when you go to your team website, you’ll know about the game day theme, and you can plan to wear the right colors to the game. If you are a first-timer, you may also want to check the stadium rules. Check the weather forecast ahead of the game day and come prepared for local weather.

Exclusive Event Experiences’ Tailgate Service at Illinois 

If you are not ready to set up your own tailgate or have tailgating device, consider using this University of Illinois tailgating company. We handle all the set-up, clean-up, and takedown of your tailgate equipment and help organize your beverage and catering needs. You can also custom tailgating Illinois with our help. 

Give Exclusive Event Experiences a call to discuss your U I tailgating needs and explore all of the different options for your upcoming University of Illinois tailgating event needs. We are happy to help suggest ideas and help you find the right custom items for all of your tailgating events.

Visit our website to learn more or to speak with a representative and get answers to all of your questions.


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